Sunday, March 18, 2007

Waiting for the Moment -Melanie Hersch

photo by Kelly Kagan

Crowded lyrics resulting in moments of awkward timing, yet you keep coming back to listen some more. I can remember noticing these same 'flaws' in Bob Dylan's second album . . . and I kept listening to him too.

Due to her unique range, writing style, and style of delivery, Melanie Hersch,, has appeal that spans country, folk, rock and pop.

Her lyrics, sung with refreshingly intimate honesty, contain such immediately meaningful metaphors as "Rivers of regret run deep in my bones" - the feelings of an errant young bride-to-be in her balad, Orion; and , In a Resting Place, she sings, "throw my arms around my weakness, flood myself with gentleness". With her throaty, yet beautifully melodic voice, that just down right haunts you, she addicts you to her music, while warming you with her big smile, big friendly eyes, and ocassion country "Yee-Hee".

Her CD, Waiting for the Moment is only available on CDBaby for now, but she tells me her songs may be on iTunes soon as well. Give her a listen.

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